Time to market requires an agile & effective IT department , its quite a challenge.

Dealing with technological decisions in a changing and specialized environment where technology is no longer aligned with business, is just the business.

We’re going to be part of your IT team as a Service taking care of your interests, supporting you in your digital transformation related to Cybersecurity, Communications & Cloud journey.

Helping to choose the best technological product and/or partner according to your profile & requirements, with the objective to close the best service contract.

Giving support also in the architecture design, deployment and subsequent management & evolution.

What do you get?

30% extra savings maximizing quality in your technology contracts, avoid future over costs having higher success guarantees choosing the best option.

Speed up technological adoption & implementation up to 50%, reduce the IT team workload & complement it with an expert as a Service.

30% extra savings maximizing quality

30% extra savings maximizing quality in your technology contracts.

Speed up tech adoption up to 50%

Speed up technological adoption & implementation up to 50%. We’re going to be part of your team to manage the implementation.

Be flexible growing on demand

Complement your IT team with an expert as a Service in front of a technological evolution/transformation.

What needs we meet?

Support to improve Cybersecurity, take the Communications to the next level & be your travel companion in the Cloud journey.


Enforce your IT team to enforce your corporate (IT) and Industrial (OT) Cibersecurity like a CISO / Cyber Architect as a Service.


Support to renew, evolve & implement your Telco services.

Cloud journey

Your travel companion in your Cloud journey like a CTO/Cloud Architect as a Service.

Our values

Part of your IT team

We’re going to be part of your IT team.

KPIs to select the best

We’re going to give you the KPIs to help you to choose the best option.

We’re specialists

Cybersecurity, Communications & Cloud journey.

Leading the change

Beyond the power point, leading the change with you.

What we do?

We’re going to be part of your IT team, helping you to choose, design & implement.

Short list Guide

Technological solutions and/or partners short list according company needs.

Solution Guide

RFI process management “Request for Information”.

Outsourcing Guide

 RFP process management “Request for Proposal”.

Deployment Guide

Leading the transformation, end to end project & change management. CTO/CISO/Cyber/Cloud Architect as a Service.

Projects & references

Our team has worked in the best companies giving advisory to CIOs & IT departments as complex technological projects management.

OT network security enforcement advisory & DC architecture transformation project management to improve business continuity for a multinational pharma company

Cloud journey, WAN SDN, SecaaS, CASB and SSO products & partners evaluation advisory and project management for a multinational printers manufacturer covering EMEA

UCaaS products & partners evaluation advisory covering EU for a multinational food company

Inside LAN renovation & migration project: perimeter security design & project implementation management for one of the most important EU car factories


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