The project: Synthon Hispania, business continuity improvement and best practices in OT/IT architecture design.

Jordi Foix, IT Manager Synthon Hispania: “Anigy gave a boost to the project, contributing to a better management, planning & decision making. Thanks to them, Synthon Hispania is well prepared for current & future challenges.”

Synthon is an important multinational in the pharmaceutical sector, with HQ in the Netherlands, with medicine manufacturing centers and offices in 9 countries, specialized in developing and producing high quality medicines for patients around the world with a total workforce of about 1400 workers and an annual turnover of € 250 M.

In the factory located in Spain, a project was being executed to improve the business continuity of both the IT and OT environments, as well as to stablish the architectural foundations to continue evolving the entire infrastructure according to best practices and standards.

The challenge: Establish a second DC replicating the existing one in a critical productive environment operative 24 hours.

A challenge to establish a second DC replicating the existing one at all levels in active-active mode,  both in its design and the deployment, taking into account a critical productive environment operating 24 hours a day.

As well as rethinking the architecture of both the communications elements and perimeter security under best practices.

Synthon Hispania IT team as head and promoter of the change approached the project with a third specialized supplier, however, decided to enforce the team both from the point of view of project and change management and in knowhow in architecture in the pharmaceutical and industrial sector.

The solution: The value of Anigy.

The IT team trusted Anigy both to project management as well as advisory to establish the foundations for the OT/IT networks security enforcement.

Thanks to our experience in industrial cybersecurity, as well as in the project and change management in critical industrial environments, together with Synthon Hispania IT team, the rest of the suppliers and departments involved, after 8 months of hard work and after several difficulties during the project, we managed to deploy all the new infrastructure with zero impact for the business.

Through an intervention designed in detail we put in production the new architecture in a reduced  time window available, after finishing the deployment and the tests, as well as qualification tasks, that same day the operators of Synthon Hispania were able to start their manufacturing shift without complications, being the second DC available in active mode from that moment, as well as an architectural baseline ready according to the best practices of availability and security.

Our thanks to Synthon Hispania IT team, who trusted us to carry out one of the most transcendental projects of recent years in their factory in Spain at infrastructure level, for us the greatest of rewards.

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