Let’s go for it

During this summer, we made a break to put the safety boots, glasses and helmet to coordinate a disaster recovery simulation in front of a ransomware attack in one of the factories of one of our customers in the chemical sector.

Just as fire or leak drills are necessary, it’s also critical to have a disaster recovery plan considering a cyberattack, so we appreciate the trust placed in Anigy to prepare and coordinate the execution of this test together with the IT departments, Engineering and the rest of the suppliers involved.

We closed a very good season in which we have not only grown in numbers, but we have also done it as professionals and all thanks to our customers, we hope you have enjoyed the holidays, let’s go for it.

Anigy as an accredited ACCIÓ advisor

We’re proud to announce that Anigy has been designated as an accredited ACCIÓ advisor, this distinctive evaluates both experience and knowledge to certify and identify professionals who have the most appropriate profile to offer a personalized and expert advisory to companies. 

ACCIÓ is the agency for the company competitiveness of the Generalitat de Catalunya as a public entity reference to contribute to companies transformation. 

Adding this certification to give you the guarantees that we are your travel companion for the evolution of OT Cybersecurity in Industry 4.0, in corporate environments (IT), as well as in communications and hybrid Cloud architectures, Let’s talk? 

Image: https://www.accio.gencat.cat/en/serveis/innovacio/tecnologia-per-a-lempresa/proaccio-40/index.html

Anigy at Advanced Factories & Mobile Week BCN 22

We could not miss this year the Advanced Factories 2022 that will open its doors tomorrow, March 29th in Barcelona, we will also be in the PYMES day within the framework of the Mobile Week Barcelona that just begins today.

For all those industry colleagues who will attend, you will find us in the Industrial Cybersecurity forums to talk about the current opportunities and challenges already present in Industry 4.0.

See you.

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Image: https://www.advancedfactories.com/

Anigy and Infocentre join forces: Training and awareness in Industrial Cybersecurity

We start a new partnership with Infocentre, a recognized company in the academic training field with more than 20 years of history, located in Central Catalonia area, where the industrial presence is very important, we are sure that the training experience of Infocentre and the technological expertise of Anigy will result in a perfect combination to support many companies in the sector. 

In a simple language we want to show the main risks and threats related to Cybersecurity in industrial environments as well as the high-level measures to prevent them, aimed at both CEOs / general managers, as well as IT and Engineering managers. 

All this in a 3 hours masterclass in face-to-face format with the Anigy team, being the beautiful and charismatic city of Vic the place chosen.  

We are waiting for you in the first call for the next May 12th at 10:00 h. 

To attend don’t hesitate to contact us or Infocentre at: 

📲 WhatsApp: 621273529

📩 e-mail: info@infocentre.cat

☎️ phone: 93 883 33 01

Soon we will link in social nets more related content. See you soon. 

Image: http://www.infocentre.cat/solucions-formatives

See you at MWC & 4YFN 2022

As a technology company born in Barcelona, we are very happy both by the fact that this year we can finally join to the Mobile World Congress (MWC) with all its splendours, after its cancellation in 2020 and a reduced version last year; and by the fact that Barcelona is the city that hosts once again this world reference tech congress.

Of course, from Anigy we’re going to assist to this appointment and that is why you will find us in those events related to IoT / Industry 4.0, 5G, Cybersecurity, Cloud … and around the 4 Years From Now (4YFN) as a meeting platform reference for the tech startup ecosystem.

Looking forward to see again our colleagues, if we see you there, happy to talk with you about everything that technology is going to bring us, see you soon.

Image “Mobile World Congress 2015” by Janitors is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Anigy success stories pharma: Synthon Hispania

The project: Synthon Hispania, business continuity improvement and best practices in OT/IT architecture design.

Jordi Foix, IT Manager Synthon Hispania: “Anigy gave a boost to the project, contributing to a better management, planning & decision making. Thanks to them, Synthon Hispania is well prepared for current & future challenges.”

Synthon is an important multinational in the pharmaceutical sector, with HQ in the Netherlands, with medicine manufacturing centers and offices in 9 countries, specialized in developing and producing high quality medicines for patients around the world with a total workforce of about 1400 workers and an annual turnover of € 250 M.

In the factory located in Spain, a project was being executed to improve the business continuity of both the IT and OT environments, as well as to stablish the architectural foundations to continue evolving the entire infrastructure according to best practices and standards.

The challenge: Establish a second DC replicating the existing one in a critical productive environment operative 24 hours.

A challenge to establish a second DC replicating the existing one at all levels in active-active mode,  both in its design and the deployment, taking into account a critical productive environment operating 24 hours a day.

As well as rethinking the architecture of both the communications elements and perimeter security under best practices.

Synthon Hispania IT team as head and promoter of the change approached the project with a third specialized supplier, however, decided to enforce the team both from the point of view of project and change management and in knowhow in architecture in the pharmaceutical and industrial sector.

The solution: The value of Anigy.

The IT team trusted Anigy both to project management as well as advisory to establish the foundations for the OT/IT networks security enforcement.

Thanks to our experience in industrial cybersecurity, as well as in the project and change management in critical industrial environments, together with Synthon Hispania IT team, the rest of the suppliers and departments involved, after 8 months of hard work and after several difficulties during the project, we managed to deploy all the new infrastructure with zero impact for the business.

Through an intervention designed in detail we put in production the new architecture in a reduced  time window available, after finishing the deployment and the tests, as well as qualification tasks, that same day the operators of Synthon Hispania were able to start their manufacturing shift without complications, being the second DC available in active mode from that moment, as well as an architectural baseline ready according to the best practices of availability and security.

Our thanks to Synthon Hispania IT team, who trusted us to carry out one of the most transcendental projects of recent years in their factory in Spain at infrastructure level, for us the greatest of rewards.

Image obtained from https://www.synthon.com/es

Attending some of the most important events about the present and future in the digitization process

Closing the year attending some of the most important events about the present and future in the digitization process in which we are immersed.

Tomorrow we will be at the 12×12 event at Caixa Forum, where the digital future of Catalonia will be discussed, this Friday at the annual TIC 2021 conference at Casa Llotja de Mar an assessment about the basis to digitize companies and we will start 22 the 18th of January at the annual IoT conference organized by the Digital Catalonia Alliance.

A good opportunity to stop & think, if we see you there, we will be more than happy to discuss it with you, see you soon.

Image “Barcelona” by Jorge Franganillo is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Anigy joins the Industrial Cybersecurity Center

Anigy joins the Industrial Cybersecurity Center in order to promote and contribute to cybersecurity enforcement in this field, being Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things one of the axes in which Anigy focuses its activity and strategic growth.

The Industrial Cybersecurity Center forms an ecosystem of more than 3000 members of industrial organizations (end users), service & specialized cybersecurity solutions providers with the objective to share experiences and knowledge.

Image “Milk Factory Fire” by darkday. is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Anigy in the most important business associations

From Anigy we are committed to a strong business network and that is why we are already part of the most important business associations in the territory such as PIMEC (small and medium-sized companies in Catalonia) and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, apart from being members since our beginnings from the Baix Llobregat (BCN metropolitan area) Business Center, contributing to the creation of employment through information technologies.

Anigy we are a specialist / focused company with the ability to do great things, traveling with you during the digital journey in Cybersecurity, Communications and Cloud transformation fields; Let’s talk and see what we can do together? Contact us at: https://anigy.net/en/contact_en/ see you soon.

Image “Casa Llotja de Mar en el Dia de la Cambra, 26 d’octubre de 2011” by Press Cambrabcn is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Anigy is now part of the IoT Catalan Alliance

Anigy is now part of the IoT Catalan Alliance, Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things are one of the pillars on which Anigy focuses its activity, joining our clients’ IT teams to align Cybersecurity, Communications and Cloudification to industrial networks evolution in this way. This is only the beginning.

IoT Catalan Alliance is an initiative promoted by the Digital Policies department of the Generalitat de Catalunya in collaboration with the i2CAT Foundation in order to create a group of Catalan companies linked to IoT.