Our team has worked in the best companies giving advisory to CIOs & IT departments as complex technological projects management.

OT network security enforcement advisory & DC architecture transformation project management to improve business continuity for a multinational pharma company

Deployment Guide service: for an important multinational Dutch pharma, as a member of the IT team, we provide DC architecture transformation project & change management to improve business continuity, as well as advisory on the best practices for the security enforcement of the industrial network used for medicines manufacturing.

Cloud journey, WAN SDN, SecaaS, CASB and SSO products & partners evaluation advisory and project management for a multinational printers manufacturer covering EMEA

Transformation project covering all EMEA for an important Japanese multinational leader in the large format printers manufacturing, leading the adoption of cloud technologies based on software and AI under an OPEX model: public cloud migration, EMEA WAN SDN implementation and security enforcement of the new environments with SecaaS, CASB and SSO technologies.

UCaaS products & partners evaluation advisory covering EU for a multinational food company

For an important food Spanish origin multinational, RFP process management to select the best technology and partner to transform communications at EU to implement UCaaS technology.

Inside LAN renovation & migration project: perimeter security design & project implementation management for one of the most important EU car factories

For one of the most important car factories in EU, belonging to a leading German multinational group in the automotive industry, within the LAN renovation & migration project, from the Cybersecurity area was lead the perimeter security architecture design and deployment & change management.