Hello Anigy

I’m proud to announce officially one of my most exciting & challenging professional projects, the creation of Anigy. A company that was born as a result of the combination of several of my professional experiences and the needs that exist today in several IT departments in front of the digitalization, something that I’ve experienced by myself in my last stage as Cloud Manager.

Anigy startedone year ago, under a lean process that still continues, receiving feedback from different CIOs / IT Managers and CEOs, whom I want to thank enormously for give me their time selflessly with the sole purpose of helping someone who wants to put something in progress, and of course to those who also decided to give us the opportunity to start doing projects together, being today our first clients.

The main challenge we want to help you with is to evolve the platform maximizing an OPEX and flexible model, linked to time to market and a business demand that requires more and more agility and efficiency.

Start or evolve the e-commerce, hybrid cloud and automation adoption, communications evolution maximizing flexibility, functionality and cost, remote work combined with BYOD, interfaces between SaaS – PaaS… and all this of course securitized with guarantees: identity directory syncro & management, cloud, IoT & user security, multi-environment visibility, double factor authentication, GDPR compliance…

“Ok, but the IT team is what we are. We are super-committed, we have expanded our team, we are continuously learning.. and although we have partners in different areas, it’s not easy for us to address the technological evolution that is required… does this sound familiar to you? Surely yes, and this is one of the reasons why we appear on the market.

Why not extend the IT team on demand and in a flexible way, just as critical and specialized services do in Cybersecurity, Communications and Cloud journey?

We are not a traditional technological partner, just an extension of your team that will accompany you during all the transformation project lifecycle; and of course from a totally objective view, as one more on board.

We go beyond the power point and we will lead the change with you with an end-to-end implementation project management with CISO / CTO / Cyber Cloud Architect as a Service profiles (currently one of the most demanded in the market) in pay-per-use for your team both to complement as well as to reinforce the existing ones in front of challenging projects.

We want to be the extension of your team on-demand, we already are of some departments, but we also want to have your trust, what do you think if you give us the opportunity to talk about and see what we can do together? Find the following link to schedule directly:


Thank you very much and see you soon 🙂

P.S: more info at https://anigy.net